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Uwharrie Community Service Development Network (UCSDN) was organized and established in October 2005, to operate in collaboration with other Faith-Base and Community Based Organizations to promote and enhance charitable, socio-economic, health, employment and educational opportunities to targeted disadvantaged/disenfranchised groups and individuals, through the provision of housing projects, economic & commercial development activities, training & support service programs which will improve their quality of life and self sufficiency.

(UCSDN) is undertaking positive steps to provide direct and indirect representations, information, technical assistance and support services to targeted groups and individuals who have heretofore been precluded and/or excluded from processes designed to provide economic & social enhancements deemed beneficial in improving quality of life issues.

The Organization will establish collaborative alliances and partnerships with other Community Based organizations, local and Municipal Governments. National and International Business Communities, whenever such collaboration benefits the broader economic interest of the organization, targeted groups/individuals and the community at large.

Uwharrie Community Service Development Network 507 Roosevelt St Box 1511 Badin NC 28009

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Uwharrie Community Service Development Network